Previous events

27/03 ‘Occult Features of Anarchism’ with Erica Lagalisse and Carl Levy.
21/02 What is freedom for anarchists? A talk by Peterson Silva plus q&a.
30/01 Journey through Utopia – book launch and q&a.

28/11 ‘Advertising Shits in Your Head’ & ‘Protest Stencil’ launch
01/11 Louise Michel, a French anarchist in London with Martyn Everett and Constance Bantman.
26/09 This Land is Ours: The Fight for Land Justice speaker from the Anarchist Communist Group.
25/07 How I Became an Anarchist with Peter Marshall.
27/06 Celebrating Emma Goldman on her 150th Birthday with Donnacha Delong.
30/05 The Anarchist Imagination Anarchism Encounters the Humanities and the Social Sciences, with With Carl Levy, Matthew Adams, Constance Bantman, Ole Birk Laursen and Carne Ross
30/04 Anarchist Education and The Idea of The Public with Judith Suissa and Diana Morea-Ghergu
31/01 Anarchism, Syndicalism and the Amsterdam Congress of 1907 with Anthony Zurbrugg and Carl Levi

23/11 Great Anarchists with Ruth Kinna